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Bike Safety

From October 29th 2018, all those travelling to school on a bike MUST wear a helmet. For more information, please see here

We regularly remind all of our students who come to school on a bike to ensure that they stay safe.  You can see a poster that appears each day on our information screens.

On Monday 22 January 2018, one of our Year 11 students was knocked off his bike by a car pulling out of a junction who did not see him.  Fortunately he is not seriously injured, but without a helmet or high visibility clothing, our students are at putting themselves at much greater risk of accident and injury.

Riding a bike is a great, environmentally friendly way to get to school which we encourage.  However, please get your child to wear a helmet when riding to school which they can keep in their school locker during the day.  We would also recommend wearing some reflective/high visibility clothing.  It may not look 'cool' but it is better than having a head injury, permanent disability or worse as a consequence of being hit by a vehicle.

Kind regards

Mr Steven Haycocks

Child Online Safety

Some of you may have seen or heard about the Channel 4 programme ‘Hunting the Paedophiles: Inside the NCA’ which was aired on Monday 7th December.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s online safety there is an excellent site at https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/. This contains information and advice both on the issues raised by the programme and other aspects of online safety.

We are going to be giving our students the advice that they should spend some time over the Christmas holidays checking their social media sites. So that parents and students can review their privacy settings and contacts e.g. removing contacts that are not known on a face to face basis.

We think that the programme mentioned above is an excellent resource that we are considering using in our PSHE lessons.

We have an Online Safety webpage full of useful information here and you can access our Online Safety Policy on our School Policies webpage here.

Child Sexual Exploitation 

Monday 9th November 2015 saw the beginning of this year’s Child Sexual Exploitation awareness week within Lancashire.

Please read the information below for guidance and support:

You can read our archived 'Recent Letters and Communications' here