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Today's update to Parents and Carers - Friday 27th March

Dear Parent/Carer

As usual, please share this email with your son/daughter.

I hope that today's email finds you all well.   I would also like to thank you for all of the positive messages that you have been sending - there are too many for me to get back to all of you, but I would like you to know that they are really appreciated as are the messages that you have been sending to staff.

Today I have been 'virtually' meeting with all of the Curriculum Leaders for every subject in school as we pull together what we have been doing this week and plan for as much consistency as possible moving forward.  It looks like we are going to be in this for the long haul - at least 12 weeks.  As we have been meeting today we have heard that Boris Johnson and possibly Matt Hancock have now caught Covid-19.  By the time you get this message there may be more.  I am praying for my friend who is going to be managing the Intensive Care Unit in the ExCel temporary 4,000 bed hospital when it opens.  Two of his colleagues have contracted Covid-19 and are in intensive care units themselves now.  I cannot imagine what his wife and two daughters must be feeling at this time.

Anyway - to our school studies...

Here are the answers to a few questions that have been emerging:

Is the work that is being set optional?
No - it is not.  You are to complete the work set or you will fall behind other students.  You may not all be able to access printers and you may have to share devices so you may not all be able to get through the work at the same rate, but you do need to be doing it.

What happens over Easter?
This will be your chance to catch up with anything that you haven't yet managed to do.  However, we will not set additional work for you over the Easter holiday.  It should still be a holiday even if you are at home for it!  Therefore, unless there is guidance from the government that changes this, school will be closed over the two week Easter break and we will not set work for you.

How do I know what work I have to do?
All your work is set in ClassCharts and you will get an email from your teachers to let you know if something else has gone on ClassCharts, but keep checking it regularly.  You will be referred to work on different platforms such as GCSEPod, MyMaths, Seneca and others, but ClassCharts is where you will find the overall summary of what you have to do.

I can't get my head around ClassCharts:
Mr Daniels has asked me to attach the Quick Start guide for any of you who are struggling.  Any questions please email Mr Daniels

Do I have to hand my work in?
You will all be given a formal piece of assessment to do in each subject during the course of next week and you will be able to submit this to be assessed by your teacher.

That's it for this week...

Thank you for the videos and stories of the challenges that you have been doing.  We are posting these to our Twitter feed as they come in if you are happy for us to do so.  Otherwise, that's it until Monday.  I hope that you all stay well.  I will send you the link to this Sunday's service at St Andrew's on Monday when it is posted.  Stay home, stay safe and pray for all those who are putting their health at risk each day to care for others.

Best wishes,

Mr Steven Haycocks


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Whole School

Balshaw's Association PTA

You can find information about the Balshaw's Association PTA here.

Child Online Safety

Some of you may have seen or heard about the Channel 4 programme ‘Hunting the Paedophiles: Inside the NCA’ which was aired on Monday 7th December.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s online safety there is an excellent site at This contains information and advice both on the issues raised by the programme and other aspects of online safety.

We are going to be giving our students the advice that they should spend some time over the Christmas holidays checking their social media sites. So that parents and students can review their privacy settings and contacts e.g. removing contacts that are not known on a face to face basis.

We think that the programme mentioned above is an excellent resource that we are considering using in our PSHE lessons.

We have an Online Safety webpage full of useful information here and you can access our Online Safety Policy on our School Policies webpage here.

You can read our archived 'Recent Letters and Communications' here.