Please note: This page is being updated with information about clubs from September 2019

Art Club

Monday lunchtimes, from 1.30pm to 2.10pm, in Rooms 56 and 58

Upper School art club is on Wednesday from 3.10pm to 4.10pm, in Rooms 56 and 58

Art Therapy Club

This relaxing club is on Fridays in Room 43 from 1.35pm to 2.05pm. All year groups are very welcome


Drama club is on a Wednesday after school in Room 13 from 3.10pm to 4.10pm. This club is for Years 7, 8 and 9. There will be opportunities to work on devised pieces as well as scripted performances as well as building skills in communication and team work. There will be opportunities throughout the year to take part in theatre trips and showcase our work to an audience.

From October 2019 the Drama department will have a new club called ‘Limelights’. This is a theatre company for students in Years 9 & 10. Our aim is producing outstanding drama work for an audience that is specifically focused on acting. The first production will be a scripted play and we will be workshopping scenes from Dennis Kelly’s ‘DNA’. We will have our rehearsals at 3.15pm - 4.15pm on a THURSDAY. If any students from Years 9 or 10 wish to be considered for this production, please attend this workshop. There will be formal auditions for this production and a high level of commitment is expected.


Young Writers' club is on every Friday lunchtime from 1.30pm to 2.05pm in Room 27 with Mrs Cornwell. New members always welcome. 

Hockey Club

Hockey club is on Wednesday after school from 3.10pm to 4.30pm. This club is for all students and all year groups.

Homework Club

Homework club is on Monday to Thursday after school from 3.10pm to 4.00pm in the Library. Come along for support with homework, general revision and course work.

Love of Languages Club

Love of Languages club is on Monday lunchtimes.Week A it is in Room 7 and Week B it is in Room 8. Students can take their lunch and find out about foreign music, cinema, food and culture.


Maths have a weekly puzzle to solve! A new puzzle is posted outside of Room 50. Answers to Mr Blackburn and the winner gets a prize!

Maths Puzzle Club is on Friday lunchtimes from 1.30pm to 2.00pm in Room 59. All welcome.


There are a number of Music clubs to chose from. They are all in Room 14 and you can see the details below:

  • Balshaw's Band - Monday lunchtime
  • Vocal Band - Tuesday lunchtime
  • Chamber Choir - Wednesday lunchtime
  • Rock School - Wednesday after school. Band 1 is from 3.15pm to 4.15 pm and Band 2 is from 4.15pm to 5.15pm
  • Worship Band - Thursday lunchtime 


Year 7 Science club is on Wednesday, from 3.10pm until 3.55pm, in Room 41

Year 8 Science club is on Tuesday, from 3.15pm until 4pm, in Room 40

Sports Clubs

Information about Sports clubs can be downloaded here or see below: