You can access our Online Safety Policy on our School Policies webpage here.

When it comes to online safety we all want our children to be safe.  In reality being safe on the internet can be difficult.  As parents what can you really do? 

Online Safety

See the latest advice for Summer online safety from the 'Lancashire Safeguarding Board' here.

See our Online Safety letter January 2018 here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the Internet of Things? What does it mean for me and what do I need to be aware of to help protect me and my family? Find out an explanation here.

Here are Balshaw’s Eight Safer Internet Tips:

  1. Talk to your child about their favourite sites, this can lead into a chat on online safety.  Keep talking about it!  As your child gets older you will need to broach topics like sexting, grooming etc.
  2. If your child uses social media, talk to them about who can see their information, their privacy settings, how to block and report unwanted things they see
  3. Encourage them to only be friends with people they know in real life
  4. Remind your child that showing respect for others online is just as important as showing it offline. Encourage them to think before they post and encourage them to show positive behaviour online
  5. If they see, or are a victim of cyberbullying, encourage them to save or screenshot all evidence 
  6. If something they have seen or been sent is troubling them make sure they know to tell an adult that they trust if something upsets them online
  7. Consider parental controls and filtering at your home and also on your child’s portable internet enabled devices
  8. Encourage your child to follow the NSPCC Pant Rule


Safer Internet Day 2020

CEOP Resources

If you still need more information here are some useful help sheets from the CEOP website:

Parent Info

Select the logo below to access the Parent Info site that has expert infromation to help children and young people stay safe:




You can also find support and information on the ChildLine website.

Other Useful Website Links



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YPS Child Sexual Exploitation Advice Booklet - this was designed for students by students from St. Augustine's RC High School in Billington, Clitheroe.

Safety in Numbers Leaflet

Please look at this leaflet for lots of useful information about being safe:


Finally if you are still concerned please feel able to contact the school for further help or guidance.

E-Safety – Turning it off is not the answer!

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