Our Eco and Fairtrade Committee meet every Tuesday and are always busy planning events to take place in and around School from promoting Fairtrade to recycling items in support of the Eco part of the work that they do.

They are a very committed group of young people who want to spread the word within School about Fairtrade and how our choices can help to make a massive difference to others. You can simply help by buying Fairtrade items while you are shopping - for example chocolate bars, bananas or dried fruit. Or you could ask shopkeepers to help by stocking Fairtrade items. 

Please help by supporting Fairtrade and help to make that difference to others in the world.


Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise £103.74 during our bake sale on Friday 9th March. Thank you to Chartwells for baking the delicious goodies that were on sale.


Congratulations to Izzy Henderson, in Year 7, for creating this amazing 3D shoe for the Art House Cup Challenge during Fairtrade Fortnight:


Our Eco and Fairtrade group have set the challenge to all students to great a Halloween pumpkin design - that can be either drawn, painted or even sculpted!

Entries to be handed into Mrs Bowden by Monday 23rd October and judging will take place on Tuesday 24th October at break time in the hall. 

There will be Fairtrade goodies on sale too at the judging event so bring your money to buy something delicious!

Fairtrade Items Sold in Greggs Stores

The Fairtrade Foundation have been in contact with us and told us how Greggs are selling Fairtrade items in their stores. You can read more about it below:

"Did you know that Greggs now have loads of Fairtrade in their mix? It’s true! You can now head to your local store and pick up a fairer tea (black, peppermint and green), coffee, hot chocolate, juice and banana.

In the 10 years that Greggs and Fairtrade coffee farmers have been working together, they’ve invested over £1 million into their farms and communities.

Greggs care about Fairtrade so much that some of their staff recently went all the way to Peru to meet some of the farmers that grow their coffee. They wanted to hear directly why being a part of Fairtrade is so important. Find out what the farmers had to say in this lovely film Greggs put together from the trip. Watch it here now."


Fairtrade Fortnight - Monday 27th February until Friday 10th March

We have many amazing events taking place for #Fairtradefortnight 2017.

Week beginning Monday 6th March our Eco and Fairtrade group are visiting every tutor group and telling all the students and staff about Fairtrade and how it is important that we give our support and buy Fairtrade items.

Students and staff will be asked to share a Fairtrade message, have their photo taken showing their support and receive a delicious Fairtrade cookie for free!

Here are the messages from Friday 10th March.....









Here are the messages from Thursday 9th March.....

Here are the messages from Wednesday 8th March.....


Here are the messages from Tuesday 7th March.....








Here are the messages from Monday 6th March.....

Our Catering Team, Chartwells, are getting the #Fairtradefortnight started by making scrumptious cakes using Fairtrade ingredients, selling delicious hot chocolate and giving away free Fairtrade bananas.

Here are the scrumptious cakes and other goodies on sale and available during Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

Fairtrade Christmas Bake or Make Event

All tutor groups, we would like you to make a Fairtrade Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or decoration.

Judging will take place on Tuesday 13th December.

Entries will be on display at the Christmas Concert on Wednesday 14th December and then donated to local charities.

We are excited to see what wonderful creations will be made in support of and for others.

Happy baking and making!

Spooky Chocolate Apple Sale - Thursday 27th October

On Thursday 27th October our Eco and Fairtrade members held a spooky chocolate apple sale to support Fairtrade. The lights were dimmed and spooky music was played to add to the spooky atmosphere!

The event was very successful. Thank you to everyone who helped on the day and all those who were brave enough to support the event and helped to raise a super £61.40.

Eco and Fairtrade Group Messages - September 2016

Our Eco and Fairtrade Committee have recently given their thoughts on being a member of the group. Please see their wonderful comments below:



'Un Fair' Tug of War

On Wednesday 20th July the Fairtrade group held an 'Un Fair' tug of war, to help promote the global meaning of Fairtrade to everyone in school and the local community. You can read all about it in this article on our news page.

Fairtrade Fortnight - 29th February to 13th March 2016

UPDATE: 24 June 2016

Please see the message below from Katheryn Wise, the Education Campaigns Officer for the Fairtrade Foundation, about our recent entry for the Fairtrade Fortnight Award for Schools. While we didn't win this time you will see that we did do very well and the judging panel were impressed with what we had done:

From: Katheryn Wise <kathy.wise@fairtrade.org.uk>
Sent: 24 June 2016 12:01
To: Bursar
Subject: Fairtrade Fortnight Award for Schools

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you so much for entering the Fairtrade Fortnight Award for Schools. We had so many entries this year that we had to read them all in two sittings!

They were all of such a high standard and it was fantastic to see all of the different activities that schools got up to over Fairtrade Fortnight.

Unfortunately your school did not win this time but I just wanted to email you and let you know how strong your entry was and what a joy it was to read.

The judges loved your use of social media to spread the Fairtrade message.                                             

Many thanks for your support and very best wishes,


Katheryn Wise │ Education Campaigns Officer


Chartwells are supporting Fairtrade Fortnight by selling delicious Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and Fairtrade Cookies for £1.

We are supporting Fairtrade Fortnight by having pop-up events at breakfast, break and lunch.  

Our first pop-up event is on Thursday 3rd March at 8:30am at the canteen entrance. We will be giving out Fairtrade Hot Chocolate, Tea and Coffee for the students to try.

We will be sending out tweets about our support for Fairtrade. 

We are also holding a competition for students to write a tweet about how they are supporting Fairtrade and how they could make a difference.

Each tweet is an entry into the competition and the winner will win a delicious Fairtrade Divine chocolate hamper.


Well done to Chloe, Zoe and Emma from FN3 for your fantastic research about Fairtrade and for winning a box of Fairtrade Divine chocolate


Well done to CU2 and Miss Begaud who did some wonderful research about Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight.


Thank you to our wonderful Eco and Fairtrade Committe for all their hard work during Fairtrade Fortnight and to everyone who took part in one of the events that were held in School.


Well done to Precious Hall who won the hamper of delicious Fairtrade goodies for her tweets in support of Fairtrade.


Some more Tweets from Balshaw's Students and Staff written in support of Fairtrade:


We have received our first entry for our research competition from FN1. As they were the first to enter they have won some delicious Divine Chocolate Hearts to share - well done to you all.

You can see examples of their research in the image below:


We have two competitions running in School, more details below: 


We have had fantastic support from the people who came to our Pub Quiz on Saturday 5th March. Thank you for getting involved with our Fairtrade Fortnight competition by tweeting to show support for Fairtrade. 


Here are some tweets from our students and Mrs Wilson sent from our school account. More to follow...



Here is a photo of the Fairtrade Divine chocolate hamper: 


The first 10 students to get a family member to tweet from home about how they and their families are supporting Fairtrade will win a scrumptious Divine chocolate bar!

We have received the letter below from Divine Chocolate saying that they are supporting our Fairtrade event and our application really stood out. Great work team.


Fairtrade Pancake Race 8th February 2016

Thank you to everyone who helped and joined in with our Fairtrade Pancake Race. It was great fun!

Our fairtrade pancake race will take place on Monday 8th February in the Hall at Break. 

Spooky Event 22nd October 2015

On Thursday 22nd October our Committee hosted a 'Spooky Event' in School. Selling 'Spooky Hot Chocolate' and Fairtrade goodies.


We raised an incredible £98.48 for Fairtrade. You can read more about the spooky event and see the photographs here 

Fairtrade Assembly 5th October 2015

The Eco and Fairtrade Committee ran an assembly for Year 9 students on Monday 5th October. They were promoting the work of Fairtrade and how everyone can help to make a difference. The group gave everyone in the assembly a Fairtrade sweet to try in order to encourage others to buy their goods.

One of our students, Morgan Brown, designed a cup which was entered into a competition to celebrate Lancashire gaining Fairtrade County status. Morgan won and she is pictured below receiving her prize from Mrs Greenlees from Preston Fairtrade Group.


Teddy Bears' Picnic July 2015

To highlight the work of the Fairtrade group at Balshaw's the students invited Tiddlywinks the local preschool group to join them for a Fairtrade Teddy Bears' picnic, in July 2015, at the school’s Eco shelter built by the students in 2014.

You can read more about this exciting event and see all the fabulous photographs in this news item.


Fairtrade Competition February 2015

The County was awarded Fairtrade status in February 2015 and, to celebrate, they held a county wide competition for schools/colleges. The competition details were to create a design for a mug in celebration of Lancashire becoming a Fairtrade County.

You can read more about what happened here.


Eco Group Research and Findings

Over the past few months senior members of Balshaw’s eco-team, have been conducting research in to Ground Source Heating for our school. They were asked to look into this eco-friendly heating system in the hope of making Balshaw’s a more green school whilst saving money on the School’s existing energy bills.

You can find out more about their findings here.


Fairtrade Fortnight Fun February 2015

In February there were a number of fun activities that our committee were involved in. One of them was hosting a successful Hot Chocolate and Kitkat sale on Thursday 12th February.


You can see more information and photographs on this page.


Fairtrade Christmas Cupcake and Shortbread Sale 4th December 2014

The Eco and Fairtrade group decided this year they could help make everyone in school aware of Fairtrade and support Rock FM’s Cash 4 Kids appeal. They organised a Fairtrade cupcake and shortbread decorating event on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 and sold them at break on Thursday 4th December 2014.

Read more about this cake sale and see more photographs here.


Print Summary 14/10/2013 – 13/11/2013

Eco Garden Party 17th July 2014

On the 17th July 2014 Balshaw's Church of England High School hosted a Garden Party. Guests included students, their families, governors, staff and neighbours. The Garden Party was held to mark the opening of the Eco Shelter. The shelter was built by students, staff, families and governors and is located in the copse.

The full article about the Garden Party can be seen on this page.


The Eco Shelter October 2014

When a high school student is asked what they have done at the weekend, ‘I went to school to build a shelter’ is not the response many people expect. However that was the case for a group of students, teachers and friends for a couple of Saturday this past month.

You can read more about this exciting venture here.

Fairtrade Chocolate Apples Sale

In October 2014 the Fairtrade group designed and produced their own posters, put them up throughout school to advertise the the chocolate apples sale. 

You can find out more about this here.

Fairtrade / Eco Garden Party

On 20th July 2014 the Eco and Fairtrade group held a garden party. There were lots of fun activities planned and delicious food to eat - with some items sourced from our own garden!

Find out more this event here.

The Recycled Christmas Tree Challenge

December 2012 saw the Eco and Fairtrade Committee wanting to make sure the school remembered the message of recycling during the busy Christmas period. 

Read more about what they had planned in this news article.

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26 June 2019

Eco-Group Tree Planting Event

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14 September 2016

Balshaw's are FairAchiever Award Winners Again

We are so extremely proud of our Eco and Fairtrade group who have secured the FairAchiever award for Balshaw’s for another three years.