22 November 2018

The Mayor of South Ribble, Cllr John Rainsbury and his wife Shirley were part of the official platform party who came to hear an address by Dr Frank Ryding, OBE.  Frank is an old boy of the school and has spent his career as an anaesthetist working for the International Committee of the Red Cross in conflict zones all over the world.  His talk was truly inspirational and outlined some of the incredible situations he has found himself in over the years which can be found in more detail in his book:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Memoirs-Red-Cross-Doctor-Better/dp/1526716887


One of the most challenging places he found himself in was Somalia.  At times Frank would be expected to meet formally with government dignitaries and so he would have a suit and his Balshaw's tie with him.  One day he and his team were robbed of absolutely everything, including his Balshaw's tie.  We can speculate that somewhere in Somalia an armed guerrilla fighter was adorned in some way by a Balshaw's tie!