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Balshaw’s Students Build a 3D Printer!

9 June 2017

Balshaw’s students build a 3D Printer!

Back in January 2016, four Year 11 students started to build a 3D Printer. Team members who joined Mr Mort most Friday’s after school were Harry Clipston, Josh Seed, Aaron Corkish and Tom Sandford. Each week the group followed the step-by-step instructions from how to build the printer frame, the spool mounts, motors, wiring, power supply and print head and then setting up the belts and pulleys, mounting the filament tube and build platform. Students developed a great understanding of how a 3D printer actually works and learned essential life skills such as working in a team and overcoming problems.

The animated photograph shows the progress made over numerous hours!

The flat pack kit was purchased by Mr Mort (Head of ICT & Computing) and allowed GCSE Computer Science students to work as a project team and build the 3D printer from scratch. In May 2017, after a few hiccups with the build, the first print run was ready to go. The final photo in the sequence shows an example of what a 3D printer can create. The group thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and were pleased with the end results.

Mr Mort intends to continue the project working with the current Year 10 Computer Science students.

Thank you to Mr Mort for this interesting article. We look forward to hearing about future 3D printer work with the current Year 10 students.


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