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TeenTech 2016

3 May 2016

On Wednesday 27th April 2016, Mr Mort took ten eager Year 8 students on a trip to TeenTech 2016. 

The event was held once again at the University of Manchester and was hosted by Maggie Philbin, TV Presenter from BBC’s ‘Bang Goes The Theory’ and ‘Tomorrows World’.

The event is held to inspire the innovators of tomorrow and there were students present from thirty schools throughout the North West.

On arrival, students were asked to draw a sketch of what they thought a scientist looked like and had to write an idea of an invention they would expect to see in the year 2050.

Students then moved to their first zone, the Insight Exhibition. Here they visited stands from various companies including IBM, Network Rail, and GCHQ! They took part in various mini-challenges in the bid to win a prize and find out more about how these companies use technology.

The second zone, Innovation, had students competing against nine other schools to design an app which would be time saving. Balshaw’s students came up with the idea of an app which would remember the settings for a bathroom shower, based on a person’s favourite settings and had to pitch their ideas in a 60 second presentation.

Our students won a certificate for their efforts in the ‘Super Circuit’ category! The film crew for TeenTech were very impressed with the pitch and followed it up with a video interview which will be used to promote future events!

After lunch, students moved to the final zone, Challenge. Here they visited National Grid and took part in a boy’s versus girl’s competition using remote controlled robots where they had to pick up various objects and place them in a box. For the second challenge, students visited Alstom and did various challenges using a train set. They almost won first prize, coming a close second overall as they had just one more derailment than the winning school!

The day ended with an evaluation of the day and prizes and certificates were awarded for all of the various activities which had taken place throughout the day.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Here are some photographs from the day:

TeenTech 2016

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