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ZooLab Bring the Rainforest to Balshaw's!

4 December 2015

ZooLab made their annual visit to the Year 8 Geographers on December 1st to give them the opportunity to see first hand how creatures have adapted to their environment in the world's tropical rainforests. Year 8 have been studying rainforests this term and adaptation is an important concept that they will also apply to desert environments later in the year. 

James from ZooLab brought in a huge range of creatures all of which students could get up close to such as a tree frog, Chilean rose tarantula and a scorpion! The braver students even had the opportunity to hold a Madagascan hissing cockroach, a giant African land snail, a stick insect and an albino corn snake! The snake was not a rainforest species thankfully, as they are all too poisonous to be safely brought into school! 

Mrs Brierley

ZooLab visit

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