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Manchester – the Place to Go for Earth Sciences!

4 December 2015

On November 10th a group of 30 Year 9 Geography students visited the University of Manchester in order to experience the fascinating world of Palaeontology and Earth Sciences.

In the morning they took part in the ‘99% Ape?’ workshop at the Manchester Museum to investigate the science of human evolution. First, the students compared the features of skulls from different species (human, chimp, dog, snake and bird), enabling them to identify distinct differences and similarities. They then conducted their own research by measuring an ancient hominid skull to decide where on the evolutionary date line it belonged.

In the afternoon the group visited the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences for a lecture on earthquakes given by Professor Ernest Rutter, one of the country’s leading academics in the field of Seismology and Structural Geology.

Following this, two of the University’s PhD students led the group through an investigation of plate tectonics concepts. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to get a glimpse of life in a University and get hands on with museum specimens not accessible to members of the public.

Year 9 Geography trip

On November 20th, on a very wet and windy Friday evening, the Year 11 GCSE Geology group visited the Trafford Centre. This isn’t the most obvious location for a Geology fieldtrip but, unbeknown to most shoppers, the building stones of this expansive mall are truly stunning. The Geologists soon lost their inhibitions and got up close and personal with granite, gneiss, marble and gabbro on the floor and walls of the main shopping avenues. Their GCSE knowledge came in very useful in interpreting the structures and rock textures that so many people walk over without a second glance. The students were rewarded with tea followed by a pre-Christmas shopping opportunity!

Mrs Brierley

Year 11 Trafford Centre trip

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