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Year 7 Science Club Trip to Blackpool

8 October 2015

In October our Year 7 Science Club took a trip to Blackpool. They visited the Zoo, the Tower, including the fabulous Tower Ballroom as seen on Strictly, the Dungeons and even built a replica of the Tower in LEGO!

Ben Whittle, one of the students who went on the trip, has written the following report about his experience:


On the 2nd October 2015, a group of 35 Year 7 students went on a school trip to Blackpool.

"Firstly we visited Blackpool Tower. When we arrived we went to a workshop, we were given LEGO pieces and asked to build a Blackpool Tower. I enjoyed the LEGO building and the room we were in had parts of the metal structure from the Tower coming in the room, which was interesting to see.

After the Lego we went to the Tower ball room, the one Strictly Come Dancing uses and had our lunch and watched the old people dance to chosen music.

After lunch we went to the Blackpool Tower Dungeons.  We got in the elevator and walked through lots of dark scary rooms and corridors. In the rooms were lots of scary weapons, people and objects.

We got back on the coach and headed to Blackpool zoo. I think the zoo is the best place we visited because we was able to see endangered species and other animals you would not see every day. My favourite animals were the penguins because they made me laugh when they were flapping around in the water.

We got back on the coach and went to the local Pizza Hut where we got a pizza buffet. I didn’t enjoy this because I only got two slices of pizza and had to eat salad.

We travelled back to the Tower and watched a 4D clip of the history of the tower and then we went up the tower. I felt like I was flying to the top of the tower because it was made of plastic glass. At the top we had an amazing view of Blackpool."

by Ben Whittle

Thanks to Ben for his report.

Here are a selection of photographs from the day:

Year 7 Science Club Trip

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