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Year 10 Geology Trip to North Yorkshire

15 July 2015

photo of ingleton waterfallOn Thursday July 2nd, the Year 10 GCSE Geologists, along with Mrs Brierley, Mrs Flannery, Mrs Haggitt and Mrs Richardson, visited the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in North Yorkshire. The purpose of the visit was to enable the group to immerse themselves in Geology beyond the classroom so that they could put into practice the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the year.

Along the trail you can get up close to Yorkshire’s oldest rock formations providing millions of years of geological history to piece together. The students walked alongside the River Twiss up to the stunning Thornton Force, completing field tasks along the way in order to establish a complete geological history of the valley.  This was done using sedimentary rock descriptions, dip and dip direction readings, annotated field sketches, identification of structures such as graded bedding, the North Craven fault and anticline folds, observation of glacial deposits and identification of an unconformity. The trail’s money tree was an added curiosity along the way!

The weather was perfect with the rain only setting in on the journey home, though the summer temperatures combined with the close proximity to the river resulted in a less than pleasing number of midge bites!

You can find our more about Ingleton Waterfalls on their website

Geology trip

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