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Year 9 Space STEM Week

24 June 2015

In the summer of 2015 Year 9 students had an out of this world experience when they were involved in Space Week. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (the STEM subjects) led the way by offering a whole range of lessons based on the exploration of space. Other subject areas also joined in with Modern Foreign Languages particular embracing the opportunity.

Mr Melling started off the week with an uplifting assembly on why we chose to go into space. The students watched President Kennedy’s famous ‘We choose to go to the Moon, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard’ speech that he gave shortly before he was assassinated.

In Science students discovered what it would take to live in space if we decided to colonise Mars. Topics such as how food could be grown and how waste could be dealt with were covered. Students made models of the Mars base to explore how the base may look.

In Technology students either;

  • Tasted dehydrated space food for themselves and compared it to food on earth
  • Designed and mocked-up a Mars 1 mission badge that could be used on the first manned Mars mission
  • Designed a space suit that astronauts could wear using hi-tech materials such as Kevlar and carbon fibre
  • Investigated rockets and how they can be made to fly in straight lines while in the Earth’s atmosphere. Students worked in groups to build rockets that were ‘launched’ on the school playing field
  • Designed and modelled tools that could be used by astronauts while on space walks

In Maths students were presented with a whole range of different mathematical challenges. They calculated how much they would weigh on different planets due to the difference in gravity.

Overall the week was a huge success and thanks must go to hard working students and staff who prepared such wonderful experiences. Thanks should also go to Marc Green of NIS, one of our industrial partners, for his advice and the loan of a selection of valuable equipment.

Mr Melling

Year 9 space STEM week

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