Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Eco Group Research and Findings

23 March 2015

Over the past few months senior members of Balshaw’s eco-team, have been conducting research in to Ground Source Heating for our school. They were asked to look into this eco-friendly heating system in the hope of making Balshaw’s a more green school whilst saving money on the School’s existing energy bills.

Research was carried out into the science behind Ground Source Heating, different avenues of funding and considered similar schools in the area that also have the technology.  The members of the eco-team have gained valuable experience dealing with industry professionals from Lancashire County Council regarding surveys of the land and numerous companies that install Ground Source Heating regarding costs. The eco-team presented their findings to the Governors in a recent meeting and concluded that at this time Ground Source Heating is not a viable option for the school to pursue. They found that the cost of installation and the maintenance costs involved outweigh the benefits of the small savings on the gas bills and the eco benefits.

The eco-team are pursuing other avenues of saving energy by delivering a PSHE campaign in School and entering a competition with British Gas to win £100,000 worth of energy saving measures….fingers crossed!

Mr Fletcher

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