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GCSE Computer Science Students Visit Microsoft!

16 March 2015

On Friday 13th March, Mr Mort took twenty students from his Year 11 GCSE Computer Science on a trip to visit the UK Headquarters of Microsoft in Reading. The coach left school at 6.15am with all students on time and on board, together with Mrs Greenwood and Mr Ainsworth! The journey down to Reading took around 4 hours with favourable conditions on the motorway.

On arrival at Microsoft, the group were met by Mr Andrew Quinn, one of the school governors, who just happens to work for Microsoft! After a brief introduction, pupils were shown videos of what Microsoft did and what it was planning for the future. They saw various ideas of what technology may look like in the future.

Students then went on a tour of the Microsoft campus and saw how people worked in relaxed open spaces. After lunch, they watched a presentation from various people who were on the Microsoft Apprenticeship programme, and were given information about both the technical and non-technical roles within the company.

Teachers then left the group for a break out session and looked at different types of software from the Education Team. While the teachers were away, pupils looked how they could develop Apps using Touch Develop. They then took part in a gaming competition and some pupils won prizes for their efforts.

A fantastic day was had by all and both students and teachers came away having learned new things about technology. The day ended at 4pm and the coach set off, managing to beat the Friday traffic, arriving back to school at 8.30pm!

Mr Mort

GCSE Computer Science Students Visit Microsoft!

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