Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Thunder Netball Event

29 January 2015

Some of our Pupils were lucky enough to go along and watch a Thunder Netball game in Manchester. They met some of their players too. One of our Pupils Jade Eccleston wrote the article below about their experience:

“Monday 26th January a group of 15 Students, ranged from Year 8-11, went to Wright Robinson’s College in Manchester to watch Northern Thunder NSL vs Surrey Storm.

When we arrived we had a question and answer session with a Northern Thunder player, Chelsea Pitman who is a new signing from Australia. She was very interesting to talk to and answered all our questions very well.

We then watched a junior game – Northern Thunder NSL vs Yorkshire Jets which was the younger Thunder team. After this game we watched Northern Thunder NSL and Surrey Storm warm-up and prepare for their match. The game was very tense throughout the match an all the players played extremely well.

All the girls enjoyed the trip and to make it better Northern Thunder NSL won 55-52. At the end of game we spoke to another Northern Thunder NSL player Emma Dovey who is an ex-Balshaw’s Student.”

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