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Science and MFL Trip to Paris 2013!

14 February 2013

At February Half Term 2013, 65 Year 11 students set off for Paris!  In its SEVENTH year (wow!), the trip was the best yet!

What an amazing trip! We set off on Thursday 14th February at midnight! Valentine's Day and Mrs Thomas had kindly made us all heart biscuits for the journey!

Robert Caunce had brought his ukulele and the journey started with an impromptu sing-a-long on the top deck with Miss Molyneux and the AMAZING vocalist Megan Weaver getting the singing going! 

We arrived at Calais as dawn broke and a sea of blue took over the ferry as we all trooped aboard in our Paris 2013 Hoodies!

It wasn't long before we were arriving at the European Campus Sainte Therese (ECST) where we were greeted by Eric Muller and settled into our accommodation!

Friday Night....Eiffel Tower and what an amazing sight it was! 65 students and 6 teachers fought their way through the Valentines crowds to the top where a spectacular view of Paris awaited.  A big thanks to Miss Venn for negotiating our way up (it was soooo busy!)  Then it was back on the coach for a tour of the Paris well as the usual "Arc de Triomph" and "Champs Elyssee", students were treated to a a tour with a Scientific edge as Miss Molyneux pointed out "Red lights that remind us of Super Red Giant Stars" and "Lawns of Green Grass outside the Louvre, full of chlorophyll!"

Saturday morning arrived and its Science Day!  Students were divided into mixed groups and first of all answered a massive 100 question quiz with all team members playing a vital role as the questions were derived from the different courses followed by the different groups of students at Balshaw's! 

The second activity of the day involved students producing a presentation on a topic chosen by Miss Molyneux.  HOWEVER... NO POWERPOINT OR WIKIPEDIA ALLOWED! And what an amazing display we were treated to! From Stephen Stewart's wonderful portrayal of Gregor Mendel to Conor Hughes and his "Farmer who needs the Haber Process", everyone worked hard to produce some fantastic results!

Thanks go to Mr Woodcock for his excellent Physics advice and input!

So Saturday afternoon and it’s off to the Louvre!  The Mona Lisa, Wedding at Cana and a spectacular "Da Vinci Code! tour, provided by the teachers!

A quick stop at Starbucks and we are off on a cruise down the Seine followed by a lovely evening meal at Le Saulnier Restaurant in the "Opera" district of Paris.

Sunday is Languages Day and it’s time for Madame Begaud and Monsieur Durrant to take over the reigns! Students have to work out who killed Jean Pierre Dupont...however..... all the evidence is in French (or Spanish!).  

Science and MFL trip Feb 2013

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