23 February 2023

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On Friday 10th February, we welcomed Mike Southern and Steve Palfreman from Stage-Ed. They ran a practical workshop on Blood Brothers for our GCSE drama students.

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell is the GCSE drama set text. Mike has played the part of Sammy and Steve the part of Mickey in Blood Brothers. It was wonderful to have their energy and expertise in our school. The workshop was incredibly interactive and the students really enjoyed their time learning about Blood Brothers and developing their acting techniques.

Thank you to our students for their fabulous feedback. You can read a selection below:

  • I loved it so much. Probably my favourite day of high school so far. The people were really welcoming, and I was afraid of feeling embarrassed but wasn't at all.
    Molly - Year 9
  • I think that the workshop was really educational. I learnt so much about the play and I learnt some very valuable skills which will help me going forward with my learning. The people were so lovely, and it was a brilliant experience.
    Toby - Year 10
  • The workshop was extremely lively and informative, everyone quickly got out of their comfort zone and just allowed themselves to enjoy it. My understanding of Blood Brothers, specifically how it is played out on a stage has improved drastically and I would highly recommend it. 
    Erica - Year 9
  • I enjoyed it very much, thankyou!
    India - Year 9
  • I loved doing the Blood Brothers workshop! The day was packed with lots of amazing activities and we got to go through how to answer exam questions with two actors who had been in the West End production. We even got to see Stephen (who played Mickey) do the famous monologue. The whole thing was amazing, really beneficial and made me realise how much I want to pursue performing arts and take it further when I leave school.
    Emily - Year 10
  • My review on the Blood Brothers Workshop was that it was amazing!! I learnt a lot about different acting techniques, and it was a really fun and practical day!!
    Ava - Year 9
  • I found it very helpful when they talked about the behind the scenes and what it was like working ok the set. I also really enjoyed performing multiple scenes from the play.
    Mollie - Year 11
  • It was amazing, I loved it :)
    Kai - Year 10

Here are a selection of fabulous photographs from the day:

A huge thank you to Mike and Steve for their time and for such a wonderful and informative day!!