19 October 2022

Our MFL Department celebrated European Day of Languages for a whole week from Monday 26th September!

There was a wonderful range of activities for our students to take part in throughout the week, even during lunchtime and you can read more here.

October Update

Thank you to all the students who took part in the various events and activities for European Day of Languages Week.

Well done to all for the fantastic effort and great participation!

Please see details of all the winners and runners up below:

Duolingo Winners:

  • Year 7 winners: Maisie Cottam and Grace McKelvie. Runners up: Jamie Higham, Lucas Twentyman, Alfie Hughes, Neeve Barlow
  • Year 8 winners: Jessica Bailey, Harry Gore. Runners up: Chloe Lawson, Bobby Pearce, Sophie Smith
  • Year 9 winners: Eleanor McKelvie, Molly Gardner. Runners up: Amber Day, Jasmine Bradshaw, Brandon Cottam, Naomi Maher


MFL Baking competition:

  • Year 7 winner: Thomas Clarkson with his amazing Eiffel Tower cake
  • Year 8 winner: Lily Watson with her beautiful French-themed cake
  • Year 9 winner: Lucy Parfitt with her fantastic French-themed cake
  • KS4 winners: Alex Gray with the amazing world cake and Lucy Bennett with the gorgeous Winter in Poland cake

Runners up: Orla Downes, Adam Lakeland, Emily Ainscoe, Olivia Bentley, Ethan Lees, Esme Payne, Joseph McGarry, Passion Bilsborough, Ava Dietz-Catterall, Sienna Clarke, Alice Bolton, Audrey Dixon, Freya Alston-Smith, Jamie Railton, Millie Roberts, Archie Ingham, Chloe Parker, Luca Spragg, Chloe Dawson, Deacon Uden, Leon Uden, Felix Connell

Here are a selection of the wonderful cakes that our students made:


British Council Challenge winners:

Charlotte Rothwell, James Anderson, Felix Thackeray, Leighton Sheridan


Mrs Singleton De Carranza

On Monday 26th September our MFL staff entered into the spirit of this week by wearing different outfits to work and you can see them below:

Also, on Monday 26th September our students were learning about the 'A to Z of Languages' in lessons.