13 May 2021

Year 9 science, with Mrs. Hayes, have been exploring space and the cosmos. Students have been learning about the ‘Race to Space’ between the USA and Russia and the new exploration of colonising Mars.

The group was given some background information and then they did some research about how humans might live in biodomes and what they would need to survive. This research was then turned into a model of the first Martian village along with a written plan of what was needed and how it could be obtained.

The models and plans were judged by Mr Morgan, Deputy Head, who had a list of criteria needed for survival on Mars.

The runner-up was group Libby, Isabel & Tegan as he loved the idea of their microbial food (Design 2 - see image and written plan below)


Congratulations to Lucie, Rebekah, Jamie & Holly. He loved the detail under each dome and the detailed description of each aspect for survival on Mars.(Design 1 - see images and written plan below).

Well done everyone 
Mrs Hayes

Please see their amazing creations below:

Mission to Mars


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