23 September 2020

We are delighted to let you know that our school Library is now online.

In order to get books please follow the steps below:


  • The link to the Libresoft website - this is on every student computer in school or can be accessed via this link
  • Email n.breen@balshaws.org.uk to get your Libresoft Barcode
  • Type your barcode number into the box
  • Type your password. Dr. Breen will email this together with your barcode number

Reserve Your Books

  • Once logged in, you can reserve books in the following way:
    • Go to the Catalogue
    • Browse for books, or search using the Search box
    • Reserve the desired book by going to Actions > Reserve book, and select Confirm

Librarian Delivers Books

Your reservation will have been placed and the book will be delivered to your tutor room when available

Happy reading!