18 November 2019

Jacqueline Daggers, in Year 9, is an avid reader and recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Tomi Adeyemi's book ‘Children of Blood and Bone’.

Jacqueline said that she loved the book so much that she was inspired to create a piece of art on her iPad and then decided to post it on Instagram. Tomi Adeyemi responded to say how impressed she was with the poster and could a copy be sent to her. Jacqueline’s Mum did just that and they were then delighted to discover that Tomi was so impressed that a poster was created and printed. The poster was included in a special edition of the book ‘Children of Blood and Bone’.

Jacqueline was thrilled and said that she never expected that to happen and only created the image because the book made her happy.

What a wonderful achievement Jacqueline. We are very proud of you.

You can see a photograph of Jacqueline and her fabulous poster below:

Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian-American international best-selling author and you can read more about Tomi on her website here.