4 July 2019

It was another scorching day for Balshaw's annual Sports Day in which the best athletes from each House competed in a range of Athletic events.

There were some amazing performances, not just from students who won their races, but from many students who stepped in to race for their House where others could not. It is always difficult to perform in front of large crowds and the 500+ student crowd were making themselves heard!

On the day we also had our water bucket challenge where any student could represent their House in a fun relay competition that went down really well.

There were many individual winners, year group winners and awards such as the Relay Cup but the overall winner, taking into account results from our Athletics Field Events, our U16's Interhouse Athletics and Sports Day was CUERDEN HOUSE.

Well done to all students who took part and to all spectators who supported their teams so well.

Tags: Sports News