2 May 2018

Some of our Year 8 students were chosen by their teachers to attend a gifted and talented day at Runshaw College.

This is a report by Daniel who took part on the day:

At Runshaw we first learnt about energy, the different types and how it can be transferred from one form to another by different objects.

Then we made a torch from plastic foam, a battery and an LED. Further technology gave us the chance to make a keyring and etch a word in it using an etching pen.

We learnt about hybrid cars and how efficient they are and how good they are for the environment. This led us on to make our own solar powered car, that moved only under thermal heat, and we raced them.

Overall I really appreciated having the chance to go to Runshaw. It really made me want to go further in engineering in the future.

Thank you for your review Daniel. It sounds like you had a great day at Runshaw!

Tags: STEM News