26 February 2018

The following article was written by Frankie Poulter in Year 8:

On the 20th February, the Year 8 Science Club were lucky enough to have a visitor. Currently we are working towards a CREST award and for this we are studying health.

A Year 9 Science ambassador's parent, works at a pharmacy and has an Mpharm (Master degree in pharmacy). 

We were fortunate for Mr Hafiz to share a presentation covering all aspects of a pharmacy. Jotting down notes we learnt about:

  • The job of a Pharmacist
  • What happens at a pharmacy
  • The importance of flu vaccines
  • Travel vaccinations

We can confidently say that his visit has been very educational and will help us with our CREST award.

Thank you to Frankie for writing this article for our website and we hope that the Year 8 Science Club achieve the CREST award!

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