29 January 2018

Holocaust Memorial Day was commemorated in school assemblies last week to remember the 6 million victims of the Holocaust but also to remember the thousands of men,women and children who have died in subsequent genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia.

On the day we mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Saturday 27th January Mrs Wilson and Deputy Head Boy Harry Swift and Deputy Head Girl Isabelle Atkinson attended a service at Chorley War Memorial and Town Hall along with other school children from Chorley school’s to help us to never forget these atrocities.

Harry and Isabelle read aloud the poem by Martin Niemoller - “First They Came “ and later lit a candle in the ceremony to remember all the victims of the Holocaust.

This year’s theme “The Power of Words” reminds us all that we can use words in ways that are powerful and should speak out about wrongdoing of any kind.

The Mayor and Mayoress of South Ribble also attended the service which was extremely moving and a poignant way to remember the victims of all genocides across the world who can no longer speak out for themselves.

Holocaust Memorial Day

You can read more information about the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust here.