6 February – 23 June 2023

Our KS4 options process will begin on Wednesday 8th February 2023.

You can see full details about the process, the specific dates and times below:


The Process

The decisions concerning which subjects to follow in Years 10 and 11 are very important ones.  Students, parents/carers and teachers must work together to make the most appropriate decisions.  The process should provide opportunities for both information-giving and discussion so that informed choices can be made.


November 2022 to March 2023
Career Conversations
with all Year 9 students


Introducing possible options that may be available to choose from as well as post-16 aspirations. These sessions are conducted by our partner Careers organisation, Career North. Each student will have a personalised feedback form following their ‘career conversation’.






Wednesday 8th February


KS4 - Year 10 Courses of Study and Subject Information Booklet 2023 Available 

This booklet provides an explanation to parents/carers/students about the process, the choices available, how the selection process will operate and an opportunity to start reading more
about different subjects. 

If you have additional questions for Curriculum Leaders please feel free to contact them at school.



Friday 10th February 


Online Videos available from 9am

  • Introductory video from Mr Haycocks
  • Overview video from Mr Morgan
  • Subject details video from subject leaders



Thursday 23rd February


Online Options Preferences Form

The online form will be available from
this date and MUST be completed online by
Thursday 23rd March.



Monday 20th February to 
Wednesday 8th March


Additional Support

Additional support available from 
Form Tutor/HOH/Curriculum Leaders or SLT on request.
 (email directly or via enquiries@balshaws.org.uk)



Friday 10th March 


Year 9 Tracking Reports Issued To Parents/Carers

An up-to-date report giving assessment results/attitude to both learning, as well as additional information where applicable to support decision-making.



Thursday 16th March


Year 9 Online Parents’ Evening
4pm to 7pm

An opportunity to discuss current performance and
future potential.

Mr Morgan & Mr Haycocks available for appointments about the overall options process.




Thursday 23rd March


Online Options Preference Form
Return Date

Nb:  The option to continue studying a Modern Foreign Language and therefore following the EBACC suite of qualifications to GCSE is open to all students. MFL teachers have closely monitored and tracked the progress of all students in KS3, but in Year 9 especially, and those students whose prior attainment and progress tracking indicates that they have the academic ability to pursue the EBACC pathway will continue to study either French or Spanish. Therefore, students who, it has been determined, will continue to study MFL to qualification will be emailed the link to the Pathway One form and other students will be emailed the link to the Pathway Two Form





Options Preference Forms Processed

Follow-up with individual students as required.





Parents/carers/students notified of subjects, confirmation of teaching groups.