21 – 25 June 2021

Welcome to Day 1 of School Diversity Week!

We have lots going on this week to celebrate the event but firstly, I would like to explain to you what this week is all about. Each year thousands of schools take part in School Diversity Week. It's a fantastic way to ensure that our school is a safe, happy and welcoming place for everyone, no matter who they are. A national charity 'Just like Us' created the week to celebrate LGBTQ+ families in schools and at Balshaw's, we like to celebrate all types of diversity, so that is what we are doing this week. Each day will have a theme and each morning you will see a different presentation in tutor about the theme. Here is how the week looks:

  • Monday - The launch and assembly on our Balshaw's diverse community; Windrush Day (Tuesday) being celebrated in Yrs 7,8 and 9 History lessons, throughout the week
  • Tuesday - Religion and presentation, by our Chaplain, Luke
  • Wednesday - Disability and presentation by Mrs Rogerson
  • Thursday - Customs, Cultures and Traditions and presentation by Miss Brown, awesome music by Mrs Atkinson - Brown and film suggestions by Mrs Bache
  • Friday - LGBTQ+ and presentation by Ms McCutcheon and 'Rainbow Friday, where staff wear a colour of the rainbow to represent the Pride flag


Along with all the planned events, students will be emailed a Library newsletter with details about a selection of books celebrating and exploring our many diversities. With fiction books starring LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, gender fluid, neutral and trans characters as well as others exploring racial diversity and discrimination and non-fiction books providing self-help (Shelf-Help!)

Please feel free to email Dr Breen to borrow any of the titles n.breen@balshaws.org.uk


You know how much we love a competition, and we have a real corker for staff and students to take part in. We would like to create a recipe book, that will be bound and available for use in the library, showing all the wonderful cultures our staff and students are part of. All you need to do is create a recipe card on A4, make it easy to follow and maybe a photo of the end product. They will all be included in the 'Balshaw's Bites' and judged by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Gregory! The best will feature on the cover page!

Please send them to Mrs Seedall or Miss Warburton. So, get those aprons on and 'ready, steady, cook'!

Have a great day!

Mrs Seedall and Miss Warburton



A huge thank you to Mrs Hayes for making gorgeous jewellery, for staff to buy, in support of School Diversity Week. Money raised will be donated to the Just Like Us charity - you can read more about the charity here.