25 February 2020

We are really looking forward to welcoming Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines to school on Tuesday 25th February.

Lady Milena escaped from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia just two days before the outbreak of WW2 on the Kindertransport, which was organised by the "British Schindler" Nicholas Winton, who managed to save 669 Jewish children by organising their transport across Europe to the safety of the UK in 1939.

Many of these unaccompanied children, from babies over 14 months to 17 years of age, lost their entire families in the Holocaust and were the only ones to survive.

Because of the Kindertransport, 10,000 children were welcomed to Britain, including Lady Milena and her sister.

Lady Milena will talk to our Year 9 students and some Year 11 students, sharing her experiences and answering their questions.

This will be an extraordinary experience for them and one that is an increasing rarity as the years go by. After 75 years, only 200 survivors managed to make it to Auschwitz for the memorial this year.