4 – 20 November 2019

Update: 20th November 2019

Our Middle School Council are busy sorting and wrapping shoe boxes, during their lunch time today, for International Aid Trust Shoe Box Appeal. A huge thank you to our Middle School Council, Mrs Mackintosh and everyone who has donated to help this amazing charity.

We are so grateful and couldn’t do this without your help.

The Middle-School Council is working with International Aid Trust and organising a Christmas Shoe box appeal.

These filled boxes will be sent to people in Eastern European Countries, who are not as fortunate as we are, this will make a big difference to them at Christmas.

We would be very grateful for items and money to cover the cost of sending the boxes, which is £2 per box, to be donated to school.

Please send donations to school by Wednesday 20th November. 

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Please see the list below for details of items that can be donated: