10 September – 3 October 2019

Our Open Evening this year is on Thursday 3rd October from 6pm until 9pm.

There will be presentations in the hall at 6:00pm, 6:40pm and 7:20pm. You will also have the opportunity to visit our teaching Departments in school to see what amazing work they do. The children will be able to complete our ‘Balshaw’s Passport’ as they visit all the various Departments and take part in the activities throughout the evening.

We are offering a park and ride service on the evening. Visitors are welcome to park at Runshaw College, on the east car park, which is the one nearest to Balshaw's. There will be a shuttle bus service to Balshaw's. The first bus will leave Runshaw College at 5:45pm and run at regular intervals throughout the evening. The final bus to Runshaw will be at 8:45pmThe Runshaw College gates will close at 10:00pm.

There will also be staff from the Lancashire County Council Admissions Team that you will be able to speak to on the evening

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and hope that you all enjoy your evening with us at Balshaw's.

Please note: on Thursday 3rd October school will close at 2:15pm for our students and the School Office will also close at this time.