Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education

PSHE is taught weekly by form tutors during two half hour lessons. The topics covered for each year group are shown on the schedule at the end of the page.

We also run PSHE and Citizenship activities throughout the year for students to cover topics and teach life skills that we feel should be explored more fully.

Details of these will be given to parents, carers and students as they occur throughout the year.

We encourage students to discuss PSHE topics with their parents/carers. If parents/carers have any queries or concerns regarding any PSHE content please do not hesitate to contact your child's form tutor or our PSHE coordinator Miss Warburton.




Balshaw’s CE High school PSHE mapping



Year group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Managing transition and new surroundings.

Restart a Heart day TBC

Personal safety including online safety, sexting, grooming & bullying

Christmas hampers

Food poverty

Water Safety

Choices and consequences


Alcohol & Risk taking behaviour


CPR Training


Elections and political parties (British values of democracy, free speech, right of protest)

Substance use and misuse including alcohol, energy drinks, solvent abuse & OTC medicines

Relationship with self and others.

Health Day topics sun safety, spirituality, healthy eating, exercise



Healthy friendships and relationships including online safety, sexting & grooming


Crime and punishment (British values- criminal justice system)

Anti bullying

Christmas hampers

Elderly care


British values, stereotypes and diversity

Alcohol & Risk taking behaviour




Human Rights including FGM as abuse of human rights (British values)

First aid,

Mental health including body image & self esteem CPR training completed in Year 7

Spending and saving.

Consumer rights and responsibilities

Real Game



Healthy relationships including online relationships, online safety, sexting, grooming & bullying Mental health

Anti bullying Parenting

Christmas hampers


Finance including debt, insurance, tax

Every Action Has Consequences Restorative Justice

Organ Donation

Future Options


Substance use & abuse including alcohol, energy drinks, smoking, risk taking and personal life choices.


Enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle

including legal highs, sexual relationships, pornography & contraception LBGTT


Healthy relationships including domestic violence, online safety, sexting, grooming & bullying

Anti bullying

Body image, pornography


Dealing with stress and depression.

Dealing with change




Diversity in the UK

Radicalisation & Extremism

Personal Finance Consumer Rights

Careers, personal statements



Healthy relationships including online safety, sexting, grooming, consent. Teenage Cancer Trust

Sexual Health

Bullying including in the work place

Preparation for the future. College & apprenticeship applications

The consequences of substance abuse and misuse. Anti-social behaviour.

Preparing for adult life.

Financial pressures of independent living


Exam preparation