Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Learning Resource Centre

Welcome to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Our Learning Resources Centre is a very popular department within the school. Every new students and member of staff is automatically made a member on joining the school.

We have 32 computers that are available to use before and after school as well as during break and lunchtimes. Every student has a printing allowance so no need to worry if you do not have a printer at home… you can also print your work in colour if you need to.

There are currently over 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books and 11 magazine titles available to read and loan – Flipside, New Scientist, Solider, Booked, El Sol and Ca Va! are just a few of the titles on offer.

At Balshaw’s we are aware of the increasing popularity of electronic books and magazines. We are eager to cater for the needs and tastes of all students and so provide access to several e-magazines (Flipside and Booked).

We have a growing DVD library where students can loan DVDs and share them with  family and friends. There are now over 330 DVDs titles and  new titles are added regularly.

We encourage all students to be active in their use of the library and reading by using, a great piece of Library software. Students can search, reserve and review all resources.  We also use to keep everyone up to date with news about events, competitions, new resources and the Book of the Week. Book reviews can be read here; as well as writing your own for other people to read.

You can download our leaflets below:

The Learning Resource Centre and the English department have, as you would  expect, very strong links and encourage students to start making good use of the facilities on offer straight away. All Year 7 students visit the Learning Resource Centre with their English group for an induction session within the first few weeks of starting in September.

The induction session highlights everything that they might need to know to be able to use the LRC effectively such as; how to take out resources,  how to search and reserve resources online and how to become a DVD member.

Student Librarians

Student Librarians are very important in the daily running of the Learning Resource Centre, they help with the selection of new stock, creating thought provoking displays and assisting other students with enquiries.

They work in the Learning Resource Centre before school, during break and at lunchtimes. Every student. in every Year group, has the opportunity to apply to become a Student Librarian. We currently have a 22 strong team of Student Librarians, consisting of Year 7 students right through to Year 10 students. Student librarians have the opportunity to achieved Librarian Awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

Other Resources

We would also like to recommend the following reading websites: Books, Teens & Magazines, Spinebreakers, Totally Random Books, My Kinda Book.

Thank you for reading about our Learning Resource Centre. 

The photographs below will give you a snap shot of what a great place it is!

Learning Resource Centre