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English Department Staff

For more information about the Subject curriculum, please contact: Mrs D Dolman.

  • Mrs D Dolman Curriculum Leader
  • Mr L Duckworth - Second in Department
  • Mrs M Carr - English teacher
  • Mrs C Cornwell - English Teacher
  • Mrs L Dudley - Teacher of English and MFL
  • Mrs G Henderson - Literacy Coordinator & English Teacher
  • Mrs M Rogerson - SENDCO & English Teacher
  • Mrs C Walsh - English Teacher
  • Mrs M Whittam - Drama and English Teacher
  • Mrs F McCutcheon - English Teacher

Year 11 English Revision Materials


GCSE English Language

GCSE English Language and Literature


The English Department Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work

As English is a skills subject, covering a range of reading and writing skills, students develop and revisit the skills learned, such as inference, evaluation and analysis. The approach at Key Stage 3 English is designed to allow teachers to adapt their teaching to whichever skills are most needed by the students in their groups. It allows teachers to set the level of challenge and to some extent, preference, for particular texts and skills.

The thematic units of work allow teachers to share with learners, a wide range of texts, including:

  • Classic literature from our Literary Heritage, including Shakespeare.
  • Important movements in literature, for example War Poetry.
  • Writing from current and recent novelists, poets and journalists.
  • Poetry and prose from other cultures.
  • Fiction, non-fiction, whole novels, extracts, stories and non-fiction articles.

In addition, skills of speaking and listening are developed throughout, with classroom opportunities for group and pair discussions and presentations, as well are more formal spoken language presentations.

Balshaw’s ‘Life after Levels’ assessment structure consists of six key strands in both reading and writing. Each of these are assessed throughout the year using the EDUQAS Key Stage 3 tests in reading and writing, which aid transition between Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and preparation for GCSE.

In addition, we aim to foster a love of reading:

  • By sharing challenging and enabling texts, some of which students may not access otherwise, with the aim of engaging students in reading for pleasure.
  • By insisting on regular private reading and sharing and modelling a love of reading, in order to inspire students to read widely.

Please use the following links for more information about the range of topics covered at Key Stage 3:

The English Department Key Stage 4 Schemes of Work

The department follows the EDUQAS GCSE English course for English Language and Literature and also offers EDUQAS GCSE Media Studies as an option subject.

The English Department also takes part in a variety of internal and external extension activities such as 'The Young Writers Club' (Valentine's Day poetry competition, Grimm Tales competition), Rotary Youth Speaks and a variety of Year 10 AGT events at Runshaw College. Year 7/8/9 take part in AGT activities linked with other subjects to develop transferable skills such as problem solving, communication, creative and critical thinking and teamwork.

We also share live theatre experiences with the students, for example in December 2018, the whole of year 11 watched a live production of 'A Christmas Carol' in school and visits to the theatre also enhance students' experience and understanding. The Librarian also organises an induction lesson for all students to assist with their transition to Key Stage 3 and, alongside our independent reading in class, this creates strong links between the English Department and the Learning Resource Centre.