Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Design Technology

Design Technology Staff

For more information about the Subject curriculum, please contact: Miss C Brown the Curriculum Leader.

  • Miss C Brown - Curriculum Leader/Textile Technology and Graphic Products
  • Mrs R Gregory - Assistant Curriculum Leader/Food Technology
  • Mrs C Durkin - Textile Technology
  • Mr P Greaves - Resistant Materials
  • Mr D Melling - Resistant Materials/Graphic Products (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs V Thomas - Food Technology
  • Mr D Eden - Electronic Products
  • Mr S Coghlan - Technician

The Design and Technology department offers 4 different Technology areas throughout KS3 and KS4.  These are Food Technology, Graphical Products , Textile Technology and Resistant Materials. There is also a legacy Electronics group in Year 11.

AT Key stage 3 Year 7 have 3, 60 minute lessons over a two week timetable on an 10 week rotation. Years 8 and 9 have 4 lessons over a two week timetable again on an 10 week rotation. At the end of Year 9 all students choose a Technology subject to study at GCSE. At GCSE students have 5 lessons over two weeks. 

The department consists of 3 full time and 4 part time members of staff, supported by a part time technician.

Key Stage 3


Student Activities per Year Group


 Year 7

Resistant Materials Bag tag (MDF), hand held game. Materials found in Resistant Materials
Textile Technology Tie dye bag: develop an ideal school bag
Food Technology Fruit salad, dips and dippers, ragu, pasta or cous cous salad, sticky chicken noodles, cake making
Graphic Products Rendering in colour. Design and make Natural feast bar

 Year 8

Resistant Materials Key fob (Acrylic), ID tag (Aluminium). Design and make a themed clock, tools and equipment used in Resistant Materials
Textile Technology Decorative printing techniques: design and make a printed cushion, colour theory, manufactured fibres
Food Technology Bread, pizza, scone, spaghetti bolognese, risotto, pineapple upsidedown cake, cake comparison
Graphic Products 3D techniques (oblique and isometric), rendering in colour, design and make a greeting card, 3D graphics and colour enhancement

 Year 9

Resistant Materials Pen holder (acrylic and plywood), mobile phone/TV remote holder developed from final idea to product capable of being mass produced, joining techniques in Resistant Materials
Textile Technology Design and make a textile container, decorative techniques, fastenings
Food Technology Shortbread biscuits, carrot cake, chicken fajitas, chicken curry, lasagne, pie, bread investigation
Graphic Products 2D techniques, design and make a music/computer game C; launch and promotion
Key Stage 4

Please see the images below for examples of GCSE controlled assessment projects that the students have created:

Design Technology - Key Stage 4