Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Baroness Jay of Ewelme


Lady Jay of Ewelme, Sylvia Mylroie.

Name at Balshaws:

Elsie Sylvia Milroie.

Left Balshaws:



Her Father owned a Chippy in Aspull near Wigan.




Michel Jay

Previous Occupations:

UK senior civil servant (1971- 1996)

Director General of the Food and Drink Federation (2001-2005)

Chairman of Food From Britain (2006-2009)

Vice Chairman then Chairman of L’Oreal UK (2005-11)

Trustee of The Entente Cordiale Scholarship Scheme.

Life at school:

Lady Jay enjoyed acting and was in the school productions. She was a stunning young woman and lots of people admired her.

Current Occupations:

Non Executive director of Lazard Ltd; Saint-Gobain; Alcatel Lucent and the Casino Supermarket Group. She also chairs The Pilgrim Trust.